Top 5 Reasons to Go Camping This Spring

camping, camping in spring, florida camping, beach campingSpring is one of the best times of year to go camping, exploring, and plan some new adventures. Not only is camping and hiking good for your health, but it also creates the perfect excuse to escape after being cooped up for the winter season. Take advantage of the weather change and check out these other reasons to go camping this spring.

1. Beautiful Weather

Spring is the perfect season for camping because the weather is starting to warm up without getting too hot. Here in Florida, you’ll want to take advantage of this short season because you can enjoy mild temperatures without all the humidity. Spring also brings more opportunity for temperatures that are still on the chilly side, which is perfect for nights by the campfire.

2. Fewer Insects and Snakes

Because Spring is a fickle season from the temperature changes, most snakes are still in hibernation and all the pesky bugs like mosquitoes and ticks have not hatched out yet. Even if you do run into some insects, the cooler temperatures will usually clear them out by nightfall. Relax out by the campfire without feeling like you are being attacked by these critters!

3. Smaller Crowds

There are peak times due to seasons for tourist travel. Because of that, all the best campsites are typically packed. Early spring usually provides a middle ground where some of the more experienced campers and hikers are out, but it hasn’t blown up in popularity yet from tourism. Nothing can ruin the peace of nature like crowding. Take advantage of camping in the spring to feel like you’re getting away from it all.

camping, nature, florida wildlife, deer, fawn4. Blossoming Nature

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons and is guaranteed to provide some breathtaking views. The beautiful flowers are blooming, so just don’t forget your allergy medicine! Also, spring is when all the new baby animals are making their first appearances, especially early in the morning, There will be plenty of photo opportunities for you and your family to enjoy.

5. Affordable Recreation

There are a lot of spring adventures to experience in Florida, but camping is a cheaper alternative. If you already own gear, that saves you money! Take your equipment out of storage and start planning your trip. Though camping in the spring is a great alternative, note that some camping sites require you to pay fees  but they are generally less expensive in the spring.

Camping is a great adventure for anyone, no matter the age. It’s a way to escape and get some romantic alone time or some quality family bonding. Florida offers a variety of state parks and beautiful scenery to experience, so go explore this Spring!