Reasons to Buy a Golf Cart in 2019

golf cart, florida golf cart

Have you always wanted a golf cart? 2019 might finally be your year. Golf carts are a low-maintenance, cost-effective, and fun way for your family to get around.  Whether you love hitting the green or riding around your neighborhood in style, a golf cart is the way to go. Living in one of the most beautiful places on earth is a great excuse to get out of the house and enjoy the warmth and sunshine. If that’s not enough, here are a few reasons to consider buying a golf cart in 2019.

1. Golf in Style

With your golf cart, you can sit back, relax, and drive yourself to a full day at the golf course. Whether you’re a duffer or a Justin Rose in the making, Fort Myers has incredible courses for you to enjoy. As fun as the game is, sometimes the best part is cruising around with your buddies and enjoying the scenery. Check your local golf course to confirm whether there is golf cart access. If there is, it’s time to ride in style and impress the guys with your new golf cart!

2. Cruise to the Store

Golf carts aren’t just handy for golfing; they’re also an easy way to get around. Does this situation sound familiar? You’re in your car, trying to park at your favorite restaurant, and all of the parking is full. Low-and-behold, you look and see that next to the full parking lot are empty golf cart spaces. Everything in you wants to fit your SUV into one of those tiny spots and give the impression that it’s a compact car. Well, it’s not. Save your time and energy by getting the golf cart. You’ll have easier access to more places you love.

3. Make Memories

golf cart

Maybe you’ve never thought about it this way, but golf carts are a really great way to make memories. Your kids or grandkids will especially love the feel of the wind in their hair as they ride down the street. If your child or grandchild is at least 14 years old, you can even let them have a turn trying to drive. When the kids aren’t around, you and your friends can take it for a spin. It’s a great way to drive to a neighbor’s house for dinner or even meet new neighbors on a sunny Saturday morning.

4. Save Money

With gas prices the way they are, every mile you drive is more money out of your pocket. Even so called “quick trips” can add up, especially with the traffic we deal with in Southwest Florida. Driving your golf cart when you can will save you money on gas.  Electric golf carts are the most cost-efficient, thanks to their rechargeable batteries. We charge all of the important things to us (phones, tablets, and laptops). Why not our vehicle too? Drives in your neighborhood or to nearby shops or restaurants have never been easier (or more fun).

These are just a few of the reasons we think owning a golf cart can improve your life. If you forgot to ask Santa for a golf cart last Christmas, don’t worry. Tropic Trailer has a great selection of golf carts for you to choose from. You can find both new and used golf carts available for purchase on our website. If you already have a golf cart but need a way to get it to your favorite campsite or destination, take a look at our website for a wide selection of trailers.