Great American Roadways You Need to Travel: Part 3

Summer vacation is fast approaching and nothing says “family vacation” like a road trip through some of America’s best and most scenic roadways! We’ve been giving you plenty of roadways to choose from, but there’s still more to go. Keep reading through our next installment of Great American Roadways to learn what epic travels could be in store for you.


1. Trail Ridge Road | Colorado

Shoot for the stars and get a great view of the Rocky Mountains while you’re at it. Trail Ridge Road is the stretch of U.S. Highway 34 that crosses through Rocky Mountain National Park from Estes Park, Colorado. The road winds as high as 12,183 feet, crosses the Continental Divide, and follows a similar pathway used by the Native Americans to cross through the mountains for hunting. While winding through Trail Ridge, visitors will see plenty of elk, deer, and bighorn sheep to accompany the unique landscape.

2. Route 66 | Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA

Looking for a nostalgic drive down one of the most famous roads in American history? Route 66 (also known as the “Will Rogers Memorial Highway” or “The Mother Road”) was one of the original highways in the U.S. Highway System and ran from Chicago, Illinois through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona before landing in Santa Monica, California. While this road rarely appears on traditional maps these days, the remnants of historic Route 66 can still be found among the lingering tourist shops and roadside attractions.

3. A1A | Florida

Beach lovers, pay attention! Get the complete Florida experience with a trip down the Atlantic coast from Fernandina Beach to Key West. A1A is famous for its beachside views and scenic ocean landscapes that travel through some of Florida’s best beach towns. From St. Augustine and Daytona to Fort Lauderdale and Miami all the way down to the islands of Key West, A1A isn’t lacking in beach culture (or fresh seafood). Just make sure to pack your best swimsuits and lots of sunscreen!

4. Route 61 | Wyoming, MN to New Orleans, LA

Whether you’re a Blues fan or an avid Bob Dylan listener, music lovers are sure to be familiar with this iconic roadway. Following alongside the Mississippi River, Route 61 is home to cities full of good ole’ American history. Some of the road’s most notable stops include Saint Paul, St. Louis, Memphis, the Mississippi Delta; and, of course, New Orleans. Start in Minnesota and travel all the way down to Louisiana (or reverse) to get your fill of rock n’ roll history and southern comfort food.

5. Route 197 | Georgia

One of the lesser known roadways, Georgia State Route 197 has some fantastic views and an even cooler history. The highway weaves through Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest in northern Georgia and was actually used by moonshiners during the prohibition period. The low traffic, quality pavement, and relaxing twists and turns make 197 a must-ride for any motorcyclists out there.

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