Finding the Best Landscape Trailer for Your Needs

landscape trailer, landscaping trailers, landscape trailers, landscaping, landscaperLandscape trailers are specially designed to perform in a commercial landscaping setting. They’re built for performance and function as specialized tools for transporting landscape equipment with ease. The great thing about these trailers is that there are so many different designs and features to choose from so that you can get a fully customizable experience. However, that also means you have more to consider when purchasing or renting one. Here are some things to consider when finding the best landscape trailer for you and your landscaping business.

1. Open or Closed

The first question to ask yourself is if you want an open or closed landscaping trailer. Enclosed trailers keep your equipment secure and protected, but they’re also heavier, cost more, and can limit accessibility. Open trailers are the most common because of the price, weight, and the ease with which you can haul things like mulch and brush. What’s more important to you: security and protection or accessibility and cost?

2. Weight Limits

The type of trailer that you can use is limited by the weight limit of the vehicle you’ll be using to pull it. The amount of equipment that you can haul will also be determined by your trailer type. Think of what you’re using the trailer for and calculate the maximum amount of weight you’ll need. Then, start shopping. Keep in mind that, if the total weight of the trailer exceeds 3,000 pounds, the Department of Transportation requires a brake system in place for the trailer, whether that be electric brakes or surge type.

3. Vehicle Type

Another thing to consider is the type of vehicle you’ll be using to pull the trailer. Are you using a truck, van, SUV, or something else? If tow a trailer with a vehicle that has a shorter wheelbase, the trailer will greatly impact the ability to drive the vehicle. That’s why you usually see trailers being towed by pickup trucks, which have a much larger wheelbase. Consult a trailer expert on what trailers are best for your vehicle (or vice versa).

4. Accessory Racks

Accessory racks are another big one in the landscaping businesses. They can hold smaller tools and parts to ensure no damage is caused during transport and allow for a higher capacity of landscaping equipment in the trailer. When purchasing an open trailer, it’s useful to use the accessory racks to lock up certain pieces of equipment when it’s time for storage or on the road.

landscape trailer, landscape trailers, landscaping trailer, landscaping trailers, big tex, big tex trailer, big tex landscape trailer5. Ramps

If you’re transporting large or heavy equipment, ramps can make all the difference when it’s time for loading and unloading the trailer. However, they can also be pretty heavy to lift up at the end of a long work day. Some trailers will come with ramps, but portable ramps can also be purchased separately. If possible, consider getting a ramp with some springs to help assist the ramp going up and down all day long.

6. Side Rails

The purpose of side rails is pretty straightforward and obvious: they help keep things inside the trailer. They’re also good anchors to tie things down to when transporting landscaping equipment to keep it from moving or shifting during travel. When choosing an enclosed trailer, it’s best to look for one with some anchor points to tie things down to.

7. Paint and Coatings

Don’t underestimate the importance of quality paint and coatings on the sides or railings of your trailer. Some of them will prevent rust buildup, but that can be scratched away with some piece of equipment hitting it and scratching it. In Florida, where the environment is particularly humid, corrosion can be a big factor in choosing a trailer. Check out our blog on aluminum vs. steel trailers for more information.

8. Accessories

When purchasing a landscape trailer, prioritize features that can’t be added later on through the use of accessories and add-ons. The foundation of the trailer is what matters most. You can focus on things like lighting, brakes, extra hauling capacity, or extra axles later on. Invest in a strong foundation and let the extras be just that – extras.

At Tropic Trailer, our team is dedicated to working with you to find the best landscape trailer for your unique needs and budget. You can browse our inventory to get an idea of the different brands and trailers we have to offer. Or give us a call at (239) 482-4430 to have one of our experienced sales staff guide you through the process.