Customizing Your Car Hauler

Have you ever driven by a car hauler and thought, “I wonder what’s in there?”

If you love cars, then you probably have. Whether you’re traveling the racing circuit or are a classic car enthusiast, customizing your car hauler could be the cherry on top of your adventurous hobby! The exterior of a car hauler is the perfect blank canvas to advertise or even brag a little. From a couple of words to a full wrap, you can get your message across with your trailer. But which direction should you go? This all depends on what you’re trying to say. It can be as simple as a social media tag where people can go to see pictures of your ride. Or you could go all out and cover your trailer with an actual life-size picture of your pride and joy! The customization possibilities are endless, so here is where we would start.

Determine Your Budget

This is the best place to start because you don’t want to spend more than you have. A few questions to consider when setting a branding budget are:

  • Will you get any return on your investment?
  • What are you looking to gain?
  • How often do you drive your car hauler?
  • How long do you want it to last?

After weighing these factors, check out a few of your local options. Simple branding you can usually do yourself, but for the big jobs, you’ll probably want to get some quotes. If you are around our Fort Myers area, you can check out Wraps Labz or Signs by Tomorrow. Another affordable option is to look online for custom stickers and signs that will deliver to any area. Then comes the fun part.

Identify What You Want to Say

Deciding what you want to put down the side of your car hauler is the best part. With today’s technology, you have unlimited possibilities! From custom racing graphics to a picture of you in your car, the options are just downright awesome. Keep in mind if the option you’re going with needs to be permanent or interchangeable. If you are someone who likes to trade cars and change things up, consider something temporary or more generally branded.

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Also, remember that people will often be looking at your trailer while it’s moving, so make anything like phone numbers, tags, or websites easily readable. How else will your biggest fans find you? Once you know what you want to say, then you have to figure out how to say it.

Decide How You’re Going to Say It

There are three main ways to deck out your car hauler: self-adhesive vinyl lettering, custom trailer graphics and decals, and full trailer wraps. Vinyl lettering typically will come pre-spaced however you chose when ordering. Lettering is a good option if you simply want to create a name or brand for your car for a reasonable price. If you have a website or awards, etc. this would be a simple way to get your name out there. Plus, you can usually install it yourself.

A custom graphic decal is a step up from simple lettering or logo decals. This option will be more likely to catch an eye. It also gives you more freedom when creating your masterpiece. They are also typically removable. Lastly, a full trailer wrap is the ultimate way to travel with your hot rod. Wraps will look best when professionally done. It can be a little pricey, but the results are incredible.

Ready to Show Off?

However you decide to trick out your trailer, we’d love to see it! Be sure to tag us on Facebook or Twitter or bring it by to show off your brand. We share your enthusiasm for your car hauler and your hobby, and we love to see what our customers are up to!

If you are looking for a car hauler, check out our selection on our website or stop by either of our locations in Fort Myers or Marianna, FL. We can also help you out with hitches, tie-downs, and any other part you need to get your hot rod from point A to point B. You can see our inventory on our parts website or come on down. We hope to see you soon – happy hauling!