6 Florida Camping Trip Essentials

florida camping trip essentials, florida camping trip, florida camping, beach camping, campingThe moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived: it’s the Fall season in Florida! The temperature and humidity levels are down. The air is crisp and finally breathable. The summer crowds are gone. And the panhandle offers a look into what leaves look like when they change color! If you’re like us, you’re going to be enjoying this time of year the best way you know how: camping. Here are six Florida camping trip essentials for your next outdoor getaway.

1. Florida-Friendly Tent

The rule for Florida tents is that they should be twice the size you need to allow for proper air circulation. For example, a family of four should have a tent that sleeps eight. The extra breathing room will keep you cool in the Florida heat. For additional help with this, angle the tent in a direction that catches the breeze and promotes cross-ventilation. Self-supporting tents are also a good choice as Florida campsites sometimes have hard, crushed-shell surfaces that are unfriendly to steaks.

2. Sunscreen & Bug Spray

Fall is one of the best times to go camping and avoid swarms of bugs, but there still are plenty that you need to deal with appropriately. There are not only mosquitoes, but also ticks and other insects. Bring along citronella-based candles and lots of eco-friendly bug repellents. And don’t forget to load up on plenty of sunscreen! Just because the weather isn’t as hot doesn’t mean the sun’s UV rays are any less strong.

3. First Aid Kit

You never know when you might need a first aid kit! When it comes to health and safety in the Great Outdoors, don’t just buy the cheapest option. Make sure your kit includes antihistamines to treat against any allergies, distilled water for cleaning wounds, tweezers, antiseptic cream, and all of the basics. Keep your first aid kit in a cool, dry place and make sure everyone knows where to find it and how to use it.

florida camping trip essentials, florida camping trip, florida camping, beach camping, camping trip, camping4. Food & Cookware

Camping trips tend to be adventure-packed with hiking, swimming, and other fun activities during the day. Keep everyone’s energy up with plenty of healthy food that you can grill and some granola bars or trail mix to snack on. And, of course, everyone like the good ol’ toasted marshmallows at night. Want to try something different for dessert? 50 Campfires promotes 21 camping desserts to make the world a better place.

5. Know & Observe Campground Rules

A lot of campground rules are the same: don’t disturb other campers, keep your site clean, and don’t feed the wildlife. However, you must also research and follow any rules that are specific to your campground. Learn their specific quiet hours (usually 9:00pm) and read up on etiquette for any common spaces such as rec centers or bathrooms. If you plan on having a fire when camping, it’s best to check with the campsite first as some don’t allow open fires. Remember that these rules are in place to keep you and those around you safe and having fun.

6. Family Boat or Jet Skis

Is your Florida camping trip on or near the water? Take things to the next level by bringing along the family boat or jet skis! You’ll be the toast of the campground and be able to really make the most of the weather and water. Hitch up your boat trailer or toy hauler to your car and hit the road. If you don’t have a travel trailer, you can rent one from Tropic Trailer for an affordable price.

We hope this list of Florida camping trip essentials helps you prepare for your next big trip!  There are so many campsites that you can find on the coast or near a fresh water spring in central Florida. This list just prepares you for the basics of camping in Florida, but you can find a more comprehensive list at Florida Rambler. If you are hauling lots of water-fun equipment, Tropic Trailer has many trailers for you to pick from: for purchase or for rent.