5 of the World’s Most Tricked Out Trailers & RVs

The love of going out on the road and traveling is shared across the world. Ever wonder how the richest of the elite do it? What do they have inside? How much does it cost? It doesn’t hurt to dream! Here is a small glimpse into some of the craziest, most expensive, and tricked out trailers out there!

1. Will Smith’s Movie Trailer

This two-story, $2.5 million movie trailer is rightfully nicknamed “The Heat”. This 1,200-square foot mobile home has 22 wheels to hold up all of its incredible features such as 14 TVs, $30,000 worth of leather, a fully functional kitchen, and $125,000 worth of technology. One of the craziest features is the bathroom that stretches the entire length of the tricked out trailer, featuring a one touch steam shower.

2. Marathon Show Coach #1219

Ever heard of a mobile fireplace? Well this RV has one! The Marathon Show Coach #1219 is a $2.1 million RV with all of the luxury one could ask for. Everything in the coach is touch screen operated and it comes with 50” 3D TVs. It also features premium hardwood and limestone flooring, a king-sized bed with an upgraded mattress, and more. It may look like the everyday mobile home on the outside, but this is no ordinary RV.

3. EleMMent Palazzo Superior

The EleMMent Palazzo Superior by Marchi Mobile is a robot, two-story mansion combo on wheels. This $3 million tech trailer has a pop-out Sky Lounge on the roof, complete with integrated lounge furniture and floor heating. Even the entrance is over-the-top with red carpet stairs. It is modeled to feel like a yacht on land. The interior is decked out with leather and gold to resemble a luxury ship.

4. The Tiny House RV

Considered the Cadillac of the Tiny House world, Tumbleweed Tiny House company offers their iconic Elm model, a mix between a trailer and a “tiny home.” This rolling paradise has a base price of $72,950 for 255+ square feet of legroom. Inside it features all the amenities of a trailer and a home with a kitchen, bedroom, loft, and bathroom. On top of all of this, it has wood floors, a modern artistic look, and a functional full porch – and it’s all ready to move when you are.

5. Ashton Kutcher’s Mobile Estate

While working on films and shows, this movie star had to have the most lavish home away from home. His mobile estate, which he nicknamed ‘The Baby Girl,’ is a 1,100 square feet double decker trailer with seven 60” 3D plasma TVs, a conference area, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and more. This $2.2 million bus is just so he can have a place to nap and relax between shoots.

These may not be exactly what you think of when hearing the words “trailer” or “RV,” but it is fun to imagine just how fancy things can be. Everyone has their home away from home, whether that be heading out to the ocean for a day on the water, taking a road trip west, or hitching up the trailer and taking a weekend camping trip. Feeling luxurious now? Treat yourself to a weekend away.