5 Must-Haves When Road Tripping with Your Dog

road trip dog, dog road trip, family road tripPlanning on road tripping with your dog across the state or even the country? If you’re getting ready to embark on an adventure with every member of your family, it’s essential to plan everything out and make sure you’re prepared. Bringing the family’s four-legged friend along can add a fun new layer to the family vacation, but it does mean extra planning and added responsibility. Have a smoother, happier journey with these five pet-friendly road trip essentials.

1. Sealed Dog Food Containers

Bring a food container that can be sealed tight to keep the food in. This doesn’t just keep the food fresh, but it will also prevent unwanted critters from crawling in it or small animals from feasting on it. Find containers are air tight and, if you’ll be spending time camping or outdoors, make sure it’s bear-resistant.

2. A Comfy Kennel

Your dog will need its own space to keep from sniffing around when you aren’t there or to give your pet a safe place to lay down. A convenient option is to get an open, wire-framed kennel. It allows for visibility, ventilation and space when you fold it up to put it away. Give your dog some extra security and serenity by loading the kennel with their favorite toys or blankets from home. This will surround your pup with familiar smells and keep them relaxed as you travel from place to place.

dog leash, dog, leash

3. Sturdy Leash or Harness

No matter how well-trained your family pet is, a leash or harness is important for the safety of your dog and others. To give your dog some flexibility when setting up camp, you can make a DIY zip line using nylon rope, spring clasps, a D-Ring, and a dog harness. Check out GoPetFriendly.com to get the full instructions on making the zip line. This will allow for more mobility, peace of mind that your furry friend isn’t wandering off, and the fun of being together stress-free!

4. Dog Beds and Other Comfort Options

You don’t stay in one spot for the whole road trip, how can you expect the same from your dog? In addition to the usual dog bed and kennel, bring along other forms of comfort. To make travel just as comfortable for the dog as it is for you. A foam pad for the truck bed when you are relaxing outside makes for a comfortable place to lay for you and your pup. Extra blankets just for the dog are also helpful so that they can be thrown over the foam pad, their bed, seating areas, or even on your lap while sitting outside.

5. Pet Emergency Kit & Documents

Make safety a priority for every member of your family. You should have first aid supplies for your pet as well as all their documentation, such as proof of rabies vaccinations and your vet’s contact information. Another item to consider before heading out is to get your dog chipped. Which will add another layer of peace in case you lose your pup. For a full list of what to include in your pet’s travel kit, visit the Humane Society’s website.

Travel offers a unique opportunity to bond with your loved ones. Being prepared allows you to focus on what’s important: enjoying your trip and making the memories that will last a lifetime with your furry friend!