4 Landscaping Tips to Make Your Life Easier

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If you landscape the area around your house, you know just how much it really matters. You want your grass to look as good as the golf course you play on. You hope your yard will catch every eye that drives by. You’d like your backyard and patio to be the place all your buddies want to come on the weekends to have a beer, barbeque, or watch the game. Wanting all of this and making it happen are two totally different things. Landscaping is hard work, but the results are worth it. We’re here to help. With the right tools and landscaping trailer, your outdoor projects can go a lot quicker and be a lot cheaper. While we’re at it, here are four landscaping tips that will make your life a little easier.

1. Plan Ahead

When landscaping, you can almost bet on something going wrong. That’s why it’s best to do what you can to keep things running smoothly. The first of our landscaping tips is about planning ahead to help get better results. Do your research, take measurements, and create a layout. Draw your ideas out to see how they will actually turn out. This will help you catch the little things ahead of time. In landscaping, everything is connected. So, if you run out of mulch or buy the wrong type of plants, it can throw the entire project off. Having some sort of plan to go on is the best way to prevent things like this from happening. Plus, having a plan will also help you get in and out of the store as fast as possible.

2. Test Your Soil

As landscapers, we take pride in our yards. That being said, we all want to have the greenest grass, the best-looking house, and the perfect backyard for the barbeque. Testing your soil before landscaping is an easy way to ensure you get the best results on the block. By testing your soil, you can find out what will grow best and where and how much water and fertilizer you’ll need to use. Testing your soil can also give you answers if you have trouble growing grass or plants in certain areas. You can save money on costly fertilizer, lower the water bill, and put all the other yards to shame.

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3. Buy Extra Supplies

One of the best landscaping tips we can give you is to buy extra supplies. There is nothing more inconvenient than getting halfway through your landscaping project and having to go back to the store. Creating a plan will help, but it’s always better to be on the safe side. Buy extra supplies, especially when it comes to covering the ground. Keep in mind the thickness you will need for full coverage. Buying in bulk is always a good option if you can dump it directly where you want it. It’s usually cheaper too.  A good rule of thumb is to buy one extra of your most important items. For example, buy an extra bag of mulch, an extra planter of flowers, an extra container of fertilizer, and so on. You can always return it but running out is a hassle.

4. Use a Landscape Trailer

Buying or renting a landscape trailer can save you a lot of time and money. Whether you’re working on your own home or you’re doing landscaping as a business, buying a landscaping trailer could be the way to go. With a landscape trailer, you can have all of your tools and equipment a few steps away. A trailer also makes it a lot easier to buy in bulk without ruining your truck. You can pile your mulch, tools, and even those big fancy pots your wife asked for up on your trailer and get it all home in one trip.

Landscaping is a rite of passage for any homeowner. It can even be fun when you have the right equipment. We hope these landscaping tips will save you some time and stress. At Tropic Trailer, we can also help you with your equipment needs. Check out our wide variety of landscape trailers available for rent or purchase.