3 Areas to Inspect Before Buying a Hydraulic Dump Trailer

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Purchasing a hydraulic dump trailer can have major benefits. These trailers are incredibly versatile and handy, especially if you run your own business or farm. Owning a dump trailer can take the hassle out of everyday jobs, like hauling dirt or gravel and transporting heavy equipment. But how do you know which trailer is best for your needs?

Dump trailers may look alike, but there are plenty of details that set them apart. Depending on the type of job and the specific equipment needed, one trailer could be way more useful to you than another. Here are a few areas to inspect before you get a hydraulic dump trailer.

1. The Front: Front Jack & Tongue Box

Let’s start at the front of the trailer with the front jack. When purchasing a hydraulic dump trailer, you want to check out the front jack to be sure it is properly equipped to handle the job. Also, you want to make sure it is compatible with your vehicle as well.

Next is the tongue box.  You’ll need to decide whether you want a plastic or a steel tongue box. Steel is a stronger, long-lasting choice, but plastic will not erode due to leaking battery acid. Also, consider the fact that loading and unloading chains and binders into the box will likely cause chipping over time. This could lead to rust. When it comes to this decision, it’s really about personal preference.

2. The Middle: Hydraulic Motor Location & Hydraulics

When deciding between trailers, you’ll notice the hydraulic pump is either in the toolbox or under the dump trailer. If you need more room in your toolbox, you may want to lean toward a model with a pump under the trailer. This will allow for much more space in the toolbox.

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Choosing between hydraulics also depends on how much power you need, as well as your budget. A scissor lift is stronger than a single ram trailer, but a single ram trailer is cheaper. Depending on your needs, a single ram hydraulic dump trailer may be more than enough to handle the job. This choice will depend on the details!

3. The Bottom: Flooring & Tires

These two factors are extremely important and often brushed over by the manufacturers of hydraulic dump trailers. Of course, the thickness of the flooring is crucial, but you also want to pay attention to the spacing and size of the crossmembers. This can make a huge difference over time. If the crossmembers are spaced too far apart or too thinly, you could end up with a warped floor or even puncture holes.

Finally, the tires. Manufacturers can sometimes skimp on the tires. Check to see if the trailer you’re looking at has radial tires or bias-ply tires. Bias-ply tires are usually weaker and will have half the life of a radial tire. Also, make sure you check the load capacity of the tires to see if it lines up with your needs.

Anything Else?

There are a ton of other factors that go into deciding on a hydraulic dump trailer, but these are some of the most important (and most overlooked). In addition to these, a few more things you can look into are:

  • Sidewall framing and tube railing
  • Fenders
  • Wiring harness
  • Whether or not it has a tarp kit
  • Type of battery charger
  • Ramp storage amount
  • Quality of the back gate

Hopefully, after you check out all of these factors, you will be more than ready to purchase a hydraulic dump trailer. If you have any questions or concerns about your dump trailer or decision, give us a call at Tropic Trailer or contact us from our website.