13 Moving Tips for an Easy DIY Move

moving, moving tipsMoving can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. And it can be especially stressful when you’re avoiding the costs of movers by doing it all yourself. Whether you’re moving down the street or across the state, there are plenty of things that need to be properly planned out. When moving day comes around, you want to be sure that all of your belongings are secure and accounted for. Here are 13 essential moving tips for an easier DIY move.

1. Use a Moving Checklist

There are so many steps to moving, from buying packing supplies to forwarding your mailing address. It can be really easy to forget something small that turns out to be a big problem later. Use a checklist made by pros to help you with remembering things you might forget or for things you didn’t even think of.

2. Have an “Essential Items” Box

There is nothing like getting to your new home and realizing that all the toilet paper was packed in a box that you remember placing in the middle of the moving trailer. Having an “Essentials” box packed to survive your first week in your new home will help. Think of it like packing for a vacation! And make sure to put it at the front, where it’s easy to retrieve.

3. Rent Plastic Reusable Bins

There’s a reason why a lot of moving companies won’t lift heavy items placed in cardboard boxes. If the cardboard breaks, it can be a huge risk to your own safety and to your belongings. Plastic bins can save the day so that you aren’t stuck with handling that heavy box yourself! Reusable boxes are also good for the environment, cutting back on cardboard waste.

4. Consider Moving Insurance

The saying “better safe than sorry” always rings true, yet we don’t always take action on it. If you’re transporting valuables that are irreplaceable or expensive, there’s a chance they could break or get lost. You’ll want to look into moving insurance to stay protected. Check with your home or rental insurance companies to see if they provide one.

5. Document the Move

If your moving hassles and expenses are because you’re changing jobs and are required to relocate for work, you might be up for tax credit when you file for income tax. Save those receipts and paperwork and be sure to track everything related to the move.

6. Plan a Moving Budget

Being unprepared for anything is a recipe for headaches and stress. If you’re thinking of moving or about to move, planning ahead will ease your mind and the process. Start making a budget for moving by researching the typical costs so that you don’t stumble on desperate surprises when the moving day comes.

moving tips, moving hacks7. Research Moving Hacks

Moving is a task so many people do so many times in their life that they have compiled many hacks and creative moving tips that can really make the process a cinch! Google and Pinterest are loaded with easy options, affordable alternatives, and helpful tips. You may even save some money using some of these!

8. Learn About Car Towing

Do you have multiple cars that need to make it to your new location? Save yourself the gas and extra driver and rent a car hauler. However, keep in mind that there are many parts and safety factors to be aware of when it comes to towing your car with the trailer and the hitch. Check with your local trailer rental company to find the best options for getting your car from your old home to your new home as easy as possible!

9. Load Your Trailer Properly

When loading your trailer, you’ll want to go by something known as the 60/40 rule. To tow a trailer safely, 60% of the load weight should be towards the front of the trailer and 40% should be towards the back. This will allow the trailer to sway less and reposition more quickly for any nudges and bumps you run into.

10. Protect Yourself from Injury

Getting injured in a move is not only painful and inconvenient, but it can also take you out of commission to actually do the move. Avoid having to hire help by prioritizing safety first! Don’t lift any boxes that are too heavy for you and do plenty of stretching before you start. Eat enough carbs for the day to have enough energy and practice safe lifting techniques.

11. Plan for the Weather

Here in Florida, moving is greatly impacted by weather – and that’s even more true during the rainy season. Sometimes you can’t control your moving date, so prepare in advance with covers, ponchos, tarps, and towels. Try moving in the morning to avoid the typical afternoon showers and get more hands on deck to help make things move faster.

12. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Especially in Southwest Florida, we want to avoid heatstroke and the best way to do that is by drinking plenty of water. Pack a cooler with ice to have on hand so that cool water is readily available. Be sure to also take breaks to sit in the shade, drink the water, and cool off your body temperature if moving in the summer.

13. Rent a Reliable Trailer

The biggest part of having a successful DIY move is having a reliable and trustworthy trailer. Rental trailers come in all shapes and sizes – from small to large and open to enclosed. Find a trailer dealer that you can trust and who will help you find the perfect trailer for your unique needs.

Have a safe, efficient, and easy move!